Often we are baptized as infants. At that time, certain promises are made on our behalf about our connection to the Christian faith and our sense of belonging with a Christian family of faith. Confirmation allows youth in grades 9 or higher, when old enough to reflect upon their individual spiritual journey, to engage the huge ‘what and why’ questions of faith. This one year program also provides opportunities to engage in the life of the church, understand the UCC denomination and make a choice about becoming a member of this particular expression of faith.

Pastor Chris meets with confirmands and encourages each one to select a non-related adult member of the church to be a “mentor” (though this person is really more a “fellow-sojourner” as we are ALL learning). Here’s a bit of what one may expect:

  • Learn about the basics of the church family and how each person can serve in it using his/her own gifts
  • Learn an appreciation about Avon Congregational Church’s own unique Christian history, its place in the UCC and how the various ministries and steering circle lead the church and serve our mission.
  • Experience how Christianity fits into this diverse and globalized world and how specific tenets and history of our faith can give transforming new life to our continual pilgrimage.
  • Bond with each other through meetings and a retreat before doing the introspective work of considering what her/his individual faith journey means at this point in life.
  • Finally, to consider whether or not to join Avon Congregational Church and to participate in the greater church family and our shared mission.

If you or someone you know is in the ninth grade or up in high school, and you have an interest in this experience, please contact Pastor Chris at Pastor@Avon-Church.org