Statements of Mission and Vision

A prayerful people, we strive to be self- aware and to remain God-centered in our stated mission and vision. “Many Voices with One Spirit” is the way we live authentically and are readied to transform human lives

 – others and our own.


The mission of the Avon Congregational Church is to enable people to know God’s unconditional love and to be a community of faith helping one another to live as Jesus Christ lived and taught.


We strive to be an open, caring, and growing community.  As we explore both new and proven spiritual pathways, we encourage one another to discover our unique significance in God’s world.  We worship, work and celebrate together joyfully.  Using our gifts to reach out to others, we endeavor to create a world of compassion, peace and justice.

Core Values and Guiding Principles

As we journey down our spiritual paths, we are guided by the

following core values and principles:

Compassionate Caring

We are a community that supports one another, in times of trial and in times of triumph.


We welcome all seekers by creating an accepting, inclusive and

non-judgmental culture.


We are offered abundant and varied ways to come together as a Christ-centered community.


In worship and in daily life, we joyfully celebrate God’s creation and the opportunities, challenges and blessings we have been given.

Spiritual Growth

We are encouraged to explore traditional and non-traditional spiritual practices so that we might discover our unique call from God.


We are provided opportunities to use our gifts, passions, musical and other creative talents to lead and support the congregation’s vital ministries.

Service to Others

We affirm that our commitment to our own church must be balanced with our social responsibility to all humanity.


We are a dynamic, innovative and courageous church that embraces and initiates change.


We strive to act boldly to seek fairness and equal opportunities for all.