Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! As an open and affirming congregation, we celebrate the union of love and invite both church members and strangers alike to be married here. We believe God celebrates all love in our midst and shares in your love! Our beautiful and historically significant Meeting House is air-conditioned in the summer months and is open as Sanctuary for your wedding!

Below are some helpful guidelines to make your planning easier and more enjoyable.

Set the Date
The first thing you need to do is lock in the date and time of your wedding by phoning the church office 860-678-0488 and speaking to Pastor Chris and our Office Manager. After securing your date and time Pastor Chris will arrange a personal meeting.

Wedding Music
Our church organist, or one approved by her, will play for the ceremony. We appreciate that this service is very personal to you and you will have ideas, requests and music selections of your own. In communication with the Pastor and Organist, all decisions can be made to ensure your day is extra special.

Wedding Decorations
We are happy to provide you with the names of local florists who are familiar with our church. Should you choose to use a florist unfamiliar with our Meeting House please advise them not to use adhesives to fasten floral arrangements to the church walls and pew ends. The Pastor and Church Sexton will offer additional direction on what is permissible in our sacred Meeting House.

Two wrought-iron candelabras are available for your wedding celebration. Candles need to be provided by you. Instructions for placement and use will be given by the Pastor.

Please do not throw rice, birdseed or their substitutes inside the church. For outside, birdseed (no rice) may be used beyond the church steps.

While we recognize that the couple and their families will wish to have candid pictures, we ask that the following be considered by professional and amateur photographers alike:

  • It is recommended that flash pictures be taken during the processional and recessional only.
  • Please ask your photographer to report to the Pastor upon his/her arrival at the church.

Obtain the Marriage License
The license must be obtained in the town in which the ceremony will take place (i.e., the Town of Avon). It is valid for sixty-five (65) days from date of issue. There is a four-day waiting period between the day of application and the day the license may be picked up, so be sure to allow enough time in applying. The license should be given to the Pastor at the wedding rehearsal.
Avon Vital Records

Receptions in our Fellowship Hall
It is possible to celebrate your wedding reception here in our beautiful (and also air-conditioned) Fellowship Hall. Our Hall holds up to 108 people per the Avon Fire Marshall. We have an attached kitchen that could be utilized as a staging area for a caterer you choose (or we can recommend one to you). A licensed and insured bartender is required to serve alcohol on church property. Fees and more information may be obtained through our church office.

The fees for a wedding in our church are available from the church office. Separate checks, payable to the church or the appropriate person(s), should be mailed to the church at least two weeks in advance.
For further information or to begin planning your wedding with us, please call the church office at 860-678-0488.

photo by Bill Crofton, Motophoto