“Worship God with gladness; come with joyful songs. It is God who made us and we are God’s own; we are God’s people, the sheep of God’s pasture.”

Psalms 100: 2-3

Our intergenerational worship services are a celebration of our loving relationship with God through prayer, song, reflection, sermon and fellowship. This ministry collaborates with Pastor Chris to enhance our arts-infused worship services. We together ask questions like:

-What ways can we make worship intergenerational?

-How can we vary the style or worship enough to make the experience fresh and relevant, yet stay true to the rituals and heritage that bind us in this place?

This ministry team prayerfully wonders opportunities into being so that we may all ‘tell our stories,’ explore spiritual questions and grown in faith. Do you have ideas? Are you inspired to share with others creative ways to know and be known by God?

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