We believe generosity is a form of worship.

Those who call Avon Congregational Church their church regularly give to the church in order to express the call to responsibility for this house of worship and the ministries enacted by us all. To display our gratitude and devotion through stewardship offerings (of time, talent and treasure) acknowledges the many blessings God has placed in our hands.

Ready to make an on-going difference in the life of Avon Congregational Church?  Read on.

A yearly stewardship drive ensures our ability to budget for our ministries, our dedicated staff and the ongoing stewardship of our historic meeting house sanctuary as well as our state-of-the-art two story church campus that houses the Avon Nursery School, our faith formation spaces, kitchen, library, fellowship hall and many community meeting rooms.

It’s important to know we, unlike other mainline protestant and catholic denominations, do NOT have a hierarchical structure or diocese that can fund, support or decide the fate of our church buildings and ministries. Each United Church of Christ congregation is autonomous in deciding its structure of ministry and solely responsible to self-fund and thrive (or not) as a relevant family of faith. In other words, we, with God’s help, sink or swim in the complicated waters of being Christ’s church for our needy world.

Make an Annual Pledge of Support for Vital Ministries

Offering envelopes may be received upon request from our office at 860-678-0488.

Online giving is available for one-time gifts or for scheduled, recurring contributions. It’s quick, easy, and secure.

Give weekly or monthly or quarterly or yearly. It’s your choice yet this ongoing commitment of giving of oneself is perhaps the most satisfying for identifying as member of this Body of Christ. With many good and worthy social-justice and environmental charities worldwide, we know you have choices and remain ever-grateful for your support of Avon Congregational Church’s two hundred year legacy for reaching God’s people near and far in meaningful ways.Download pledge form here 

You can also make a donation via check. Please make out checks to Avon Congregational Church with any instructions about your donation in the memo line. Mail checks to:

Avon Congregational Church
6 West Main
Avon, CT 06001

Questions? Email Financial Administrator, John Carlson at or call 860-678-0488. If you’d like to learn more about the many ministries of Avon Congregational Church and how your giving has direct impact, please reach out to Pastor Chris for a conversation by emailing at or calling 860-678-0488 XT 11.

Thank you for making a real difference and lending your support to our mission of reaching God’s people!

Leaving a Legacy Gift

Become a sustaining supporter…

Why Leave a Legacy?

Since its founding in 1819, many generous people have included Avon Congregational Church in their estate plans. Legacy gifts are provided by visionary individuals who engage in thoughtful decision-making that includes the church in their estate planning. They see this as a way to make a difference in the life of the church community for generations to come.

Unrestricted Gifts or Special Gifts?

Your legacy may benefit the church in any number of ways. You may leave a general unrestricted gift or specifically direct your gift to the Avon Congregational Church’s endowment, or to the ongoing support of:

  • Building and Grounds
  • Worship, Music and Arts
  • Mission and Outreach Programs

How to Leave a Legacy to Avon Congregational Church:

Wills and Bequests provide a simple way to make a gift that will keep on giving after your lifetime. Without a will, or other provision such as a living trust, state law will decide how your assets will be distributed upon your death. The state’s plan may not be in accordance with your wishes, and may not distribute as much of your estate as possible to heirs, church or charity.

IRA: You may designate Avon Congregational Church or any charity of choice as beneficiaries of your IRA or retirement plan. An IRA can be a wise asset to use for a charitable bequest, as individual heirs may be heavily taxed on distributions received by inheritance.

  • During your lifetime, you may use Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) to fund a life-income gift; the distribution will be a taxable event, but you will be entitled to a charitable tax deduction if you itemize.
  • For outright gifts only (can’t be used to fund a life-income gift), the IRA Charitable Rollover legislation is now permanent: donor must be age 70½ or older, gift of $100,000 or less, counts toward RMD, gift must be transferred from IRA direct to charity, no deduction but distribution is tax-free.

Life Insurance: Gifts of life insurance offer opportunities to make substantial charitable contributions. If you have a policy which is no longer needed for family protection, you may simply name Avon Congregational Church as the beneficiary.

  • To receive a tax deduction, transfer ownership of the policy to the church; if the policy is not paid up, we ask that you make (tax-deductible) contributions of the premium amount each year to Avon Congregational Church, which the church will then use to pay the premium. You can also make a gift by purchasing a new policy, or using insurance for asset replacement.

Please use the following information when designating Avon Congregational Church as a beneficiary:

Avon Congregational Church
6 West Main
Avon, CT 06001
(860) 678-0488

Please contact our church Financial Administrator at (860) 678-0488 for the church’s Federal Tax ID or for more information on leaving a legacy to Avon Congregational Church.

Please consult with a financial planner or attorney to advise you on your estate plans.