Creating energy around shared purpose, relationship building among intergenerational communities and collaborative visioning with creative implementation are at the core of how we approach our faith at Avon Congregational Church. God’s creation is hopeful and so we start there.

Using the mantra, “ministers all of us,” we believe inviting each other’s God-given imagination, wonder and ingenuity into existence sparks our faith and most importantly, puts faith into action.

Since the responsibility in our ‘faith family’ is shared, it is imperative that we participate, using our unique gifts to our fullest potential. Because when we cooperate for God’s purposes, we are the church and live to our fullest potential!

Worship, Nurturing, Outreach, Support – These are the four Ministries under which all our teams are organized. Notice, they are all action words. Invitation words. Words of wonder and imagination! Yes, hope and possibilities!

Don’t you love the use of words like team and circle? They invite cooperation and inclusion. Co-leaders from each of our four Ministries, along with our Moderator, Treasurer, Clerk, Director of Music, 2 Members-at-Large and Pastor Chris guide the governance by participating in Steering Circle meetings.

Are you ready? God has a plan for your life and Avon Congregational Church is a place where this plan will most certainly become evident!