Caring for each other is a sacred task in all its settings. Feeling safe (and being safe) in a spiritual and learning environment is paramount to healthy faith formation. We all know too well how destructive the violation of sacred trust can be just by paying attention to current events in the news. So, while we celebrate all adults who choose to volunteer with our children and adult faith formation programs, we insist on background checks and a comprehensive training that ensures an understanding that protects both the children and adults of our ministry programs.

Safe Church Conduct Policy Statement

The Avon Congregational Church, Avon, CT is committed to creating and maintaining a community in which its members, friends, staff and volunteers can worship and work together in an atmosphere free from any form of sexual discrimination, harassment, or abuse.  All persons associated with this church should aware that any form of discrimination, harassment or abuse is strictly prohibited. As mandated by law, the church will take firm action on allegations and will contact the appropriate state agencies and/or proper authorities. The Avon Congregational Church, Avon, CT has therefore adopted the procedures set out in this policy to demonstrate our absolute commitment to the physical safety and spiritual well-being of all our members, friends and volunteers.

Safe Church Conduct Screening Application

Interested in volunteering with our faith formation programs with children and/or adults? Please download and complete the Safe Church Screening Application.

Safe Conduct Policy

This policy covers both Avon Congregational Church and Avon Nursery School. Our goal is to pursue love, safety, peace and security for all who participate in our programs, wherever held, as well as for those who use our facilities. We recognize that all persons are created in God’s image (Genesis 1:26).  Both the Old and New Testaments instruct the faithful to do justice and to care for all persons, including the young. To that end, your Church is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment in which infants, children, youth and adults can learn about and experience God’s love. We have a moral responsibility to provide the highest quality and safest care and programming possible in all areas of our ministry programs.

Safe Conduct Policy