A Holiday Message from Rev. Woodruff

During the time of World War II, The Avon Newsletter served Avon’s military members and their families. The following article by ACC pastor Rev. Dr. Watson Woodruff appeared in the Christmas 1944 issue. He served at Avon Congregational Church from April 1944 through August 1949. This photograph appeared in the article.

“You men and women away from home are always in the minds and hearts of your families and friends here in Avon and especially so at Christmas time,” wrote Rev. Woodruff. “Some of you are Protestants, some Catholic, some Jewish. But we all worship and pray to the same God. We all believe in the ideal of the Brotherhood of Man. When you return home, and God grant that it may be soon, you will find a welcome in the church of your choice.

“Here is my Christmas salutation! With it goes my hope and prayer that the New Year will usher in a just and durable peace: the Peace of God.”