The initiative to raise funds for the church with a weekly “envelope” donation was begun here at Avon Congregational Church between 1896-1899 during the pastorate of Rev. Charles Frankhauser. Prior to that time, church members rented pews.
This drawing from 1886 shows pews on the west side of the sanctuary facing the four Amen pews head. B.C. Kellogg (pew 32 for $5) was the son of ACC’s first pastor, Rev. Bela Kellogg. C.R. Woodford (pew 8) purchased his pew for $27.16. The center aisle seats were the most expensive with the four Amen pews in each side of the pulpit going for $10 each. Inexpensive seats were on the outer aisles.

Source: The pew plan and many of our original records were pasted in scrapbooks between 1928 and 1937. This was the church’s first attempt to systematically preserve their records. We don’t use this practice (pasting content in scrapbooks) anymore.

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